Motor Vehicle Accident

What to do if I have an accident?

Motor Vehicle Accidents can and do produce a unique set of injuries including but not limited to whiplash injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries, headaches and sensorimotor disturbances.

These injuries can range from minor with quick recovery expected. To significant injuries having a dramatic impact on one’s function, family life, social life and employment. Providing the correct treatment at the right time our highly trained staff work with you to alleviate pain and disability. 

Our staff and billing department often work with attorneys and claims adjusters to help you navigate the sometimes tricky  responsibilities of auto insurance and commercial health insurance.

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Our expert team of physical therapists have over 65 years of combined expertise.

We will provide personalized care with excellence, enthusiasm, and ethics.



I have come to Great Northern off and on for several years but this past year I had two knee replacements 6 months apart and had many appointments during that time. My recovery was outstanding both times but I also appreciated the personal care and the way my sometimes-changing challenges were addressed. I thought there a great balance between understanding where I was at but pushing me to do a little better. I worked with Kara mostly over this past year but have also worked with James and a couple others. I think all the therapists were knowledgeable and helpful and I would definitely recommend them. As I age, I’m sure I will be back but I’m confident they will be there for me.




I had a wonderful experience working with Kate Dolan in 2021. I was experiencing urinary "urgency" and signed up for Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with Kate. Kate is a fantastic teacher. Within a few sessions, I had no more episodes of "I'm going to pee my pants, now." As a bonus, Kate also helped me a lot with lifelong constipation issues. I really think every woman should do a few sessions of pelvic floor PT--you learn so much. At Great Northern, I've also had great experiences working with Christian Appel for my frozen shoulder and knee arthritis, and with Jim Sykes for bike fitting (a much-needed service in Bozeman). I will return to Great Northern for any PT needs in the future. (So many activities, so many joints, so many years behind me; the next injury can't be too far off, haha.)



Started PT with Christian Appel here for strengthening a-three-times-operated-on left shoulder that hurt just about all the time whenever I moved it or lifted anything. Christian commits his full time and attention to me each time I've been in. He is patient and kind. My shoulder is much stronger and more functional. It feels really good and solid. We're close to ending our sessions but more range of motion and strength apparently is available. The gym is spacious, airy and bright, and the equipment in it covers a broad range of needs. The administration is great, keeping me well-reminded of my appointments and being available and helpful when I need to reschedule or have other questions about my care. I have had plenty of interactions with others on staff and all of them have been wonderful. I've had PT at several Bozeman providers and I place GNPT at the top of them all by a wide margin. Highly recommend.



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