GVLT Summer Trails Challenge


I think we can all agree that we are lucky to live in a place like Bozeman, MT. This spring has reminded us all how fortunate we are to live in a place where we have easy access to outdoor recreation, open space, and trails; especially in a time of social distancing and quarantine.

Trails To Choose From

Living in Bozeman we have the unique experience of being able to get outside on such a wide variety of trails. The trail systems we have run from Hyalite to the Bridger Mountains and beyond. If you’re new to Bozeman or just even just forgot, June is GVLT Summer Trails Challenge. What that means is that for every mile that we as a community-run, walk, or bike on the tails GVLT gets a 1$ donation.

GVLT’s Goal

Their goal is to reach 50,000 miles which will come out to $50,000. They rely on all of us, to be honest, and try to round to the nearest mile. You can log the miles as you go, or do it in bulk amounts. The trails that qualify are not super specific but they ask that you keep it to the region (Main Street to the Mountains, Forest Service, Hyalite, Big Sky, Livingston, Three Forks all qualify). Here is the website where you can log the miles https://gvlt.org/events/challenge/ . There is also an interactive map of the town trails on GVLT’s website and can be found here https://gisweb.bozeman.net/Html5Viewer/?viewer=gvlt . So let’s all get outside and use the wonderful trails Bozeman has to offer and log those miles!

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