At Home Physical Therapy


Are you experiencing difficulties with mobility within your home?  Stairs, navigating the bathroom, in and out of bed, steps at the front door?  These are areas of everyday life that can be challenging following an illness or a surgery, can be the cause of a fall, and can be limiting independence at home.  You could go to outpatient physical therapy at a clinic, try and describe the problem occurring at home and hope to recreate the concern, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a physical therapist come to your home and address the problem?

Regular completion of a home exercise program is vital to success with physical therapy; this is well documented in the literature.  Having a physical therapist work with you in your home can eliminate many of the barriers that keep you from following through with your exercise program, as well as address home modifications to improve your safety in your home.  

Great Northern Physical Therapy is happy to announce we are providing a new service for the Gallatin Valley, in-home, outpatient physical therapy.  You do not need to be homebound to receive this service; we are providing this as a convenience for people who would prefer to not go to an outpatient clinic.  Whether for health reasons (concern over exposure to viruses), transportation problems (no vehicle), balance problems/weakness/difficulty walking, or whatever the reason, we will be happy to come to your home.   

It is important to note this is different from a home health agency; our patients do not need to be homebound.  We will bill just as if you came into the clinic, accepting Medicare, commercial insurance and private payments.   We will see you in your home, assisted living facility, retirement home, etc.  Patients can progress to treatment in the clinic or complete the entire duration of therapy in the home.  

If you have questions about this service, please call Great Northern Physical Therapy at 586-4678.

Amy Appel, PT

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