Great Northern PT’s Guide to Yellowstone National Park

Far too often we hear locals say they avoid Yellowstone because of the people and crowds.  We at Great Northern PT enjoy Yellowstone during all months of the year. In this blog we will share some of our secrets to escaping the crowds.


Spring Is One of the Best Times to See Wildlife and Avoid the Crowds:

When I think of spring, I immediately get excited about seeing Grizzlies who have emerged from their dens or perhaps a black bear and cubs near Tower. In May the Lamar Valley is dotted with bison and their red calves. FYI…the wolf puppies are starting to emerge from their dens near Slough creek.

There are a few magical weeks every spring when some road segments are only opened to cyclists.

And Spring means babies…

Here are a few photos from Christian and Amy’s trip into Yellowstone on Mother’s Day this year.


Summer in Yellowstone (head to the backcountry)

The best way to avoid the crowds is to head to the backcountry. Backcountry camping permits can be obtained through We have been able to enjoy multiple day trips without seeing another person once we are 3 miles from the road. Yellowstone National Park maintains 293 designated backcountry campsites. Get in the backcountry of Yellowstone and you can feel like you have Yellowstone all to yourself. Pull out a map and start planning to disappear into the Yellowstone’s 3,472 square miles for a few days.

Fall In Yellowstone (think Fall Colors and Bugling Elk)

Elk Bugling and sparing in their fall mating ritual is a sight to behold.

Yellowstone is a Winter Wonderland

Whether you choose to ski Fawn Pass, ski the Blacktail Plateau, take a snow coach into Canyon or Old Faithful or drive through the Lamar Valley Yellowstone in Winter is Magical!

We look forward to hearing your Yellowstone Stories and Photos.

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