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Volunteering outside the Physical Therapy clinic

Volunteering Outside the Physical Therapy Clinic

What brings you joy? And more importantly, are you filling up your life with that list of answers? For me, it’s pretty easy. Family, friends, work, fitness, and volunteering.


I have always enjoyed volunteering in my community. Starting in college when I was a CAP mentor with Thrive, I have made giving back to my community a priority. From helping in Sunday school at church to coaching and then managing my kids’ soccer teams, I have most recently been filling up my bucket with work in the Bozeman Public Schools. Of all my volunteering endeavors, Project Connect has been the most rewarding and fulfilling. 


Project Connect was founded in the fall of 2018 at Bozeman High School, in the wake of yet another school shooting. It began in the hope that a positive adult presence in a school can significantly impact a school’s climate for the better. Project Connect is committed to the idea of supporting the students at BHS, partnering with educators, and promoting a positive campus environment. The program fosters a sense of belonging, and helps students feel acknowledged and connected within their school. 


With the original success Project Connect had in Bozeman High School, we were able to implement programs at Gallatin High School, Chief Joseph Middle School, Sacajawea Middle School, as well as all eight of the elementary schools in BSD7. Some of these programs are well established in their schools, while others are fledgling and just getting started. All of them need more volunteer help from parents and community members. 


We greet students before school at the main entrances to the school, or on the playground in the elementary schools. We interact with students during the noon lunch hour: holding doors, welcoming them back to school as they reenter the building, chatting with them in the halls. We send students home after school with a smile and a wish for a good evening. It’s a short amount of time in everyone’s day, but ultimately makes a huge difference for many. 


Please consider becoming involved. It is an easy, 3 step process.

  1.  Submit a volunteer background check
  2.  Attend a 30 minute online or in person training, and become acquainted with your volunteer site
  3.  Use the sign-up genius at your school to volunteer for a time that works for you


For more information, check out You will find links to background checks, learn about training, and sign up to help.


Thank you! We hope to see you in the halls and on the playgrounds! If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kara Neil, PC Coordinator since 2021, at


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